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Equitable Healthcare

At Gnosis, we believe access to affordable, reliable, and dependable healthcare is for everyone. Information drives decisions — especially when it comes to a patient’s healthcare journey — and access to that information, including tests and the ability to receive them, should be easy and straightforward. 

Our focus is to ensure testing and reporting remains affordable. To do that, we strategically partner with payers via advanced technologies to automate processes and streamline evidence-based testing protocols. This intentional collaboration results in increased efficiency, lowered costs, improved patient outcomes and, ultimately, cost savings while still maintaining our high-quality diagnostic services. 

Our Values

The Gnosis Portal

Fully integrated with industry standard EMR/EHRs, our streamlined portal makes it easy to locate patient results, view our comprehensive testing menus, order supplies, schedule specimen pickups, and expand your clinical knowledge through extensive educational materials written by our team of clinical scientists and researchers. We’re always pushing the boundaries of discovery and our highly trained representatives and comprehensive lab reports are designed to empower you to do what you do, with the full support of Gnosis behind you.

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Our Services

Gnosis, our full-service laboratory, offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring swift turnaround times with precise and accurate results. Whether it’s diagnostics, research endeavors, or patient care, our unwavering commitment to excellence remains steadfast.

Routine Diagnostic Tests
Our tests comprise assays across specialized fields, such as Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Immunology, and Microbiology. These tests empower us to offer accurate insights, contributing to informed medical decisions.
CorrectRx PGx
Personalized medicine is precision medicine. Address the specific genetic needs of a patient while ensuring they are on the optimal medication, without conflict.
Same-day reporting with next-day confirmation. Identify the presence of prescription medications and illicit drugs, generated with a comprehensive report and outlined summary.
Infectious Disease
Our fast, accurate and accessible onsite testing offers rapid reporting and quick turnaround times. Prevent the spread of COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B, RSV as well as identify a 17-target respiratory panel.

Our Laboratory

Our cutting-edge laboratory is a beacon of scientific innovation. Within its walls, a dedicated team of leading scientists and licensed laboratory technicians harness the most advanced diagnostic testing available.

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